Who are we?

The Midland Offroad Club (MOC) was formed in July 1986 to promote off-road 4x4 motor sport. The Club is involved with charity work, has sat on the MSA Cross Country Committee and has been part of the organisational team for the "Offroad and 4-Wheel Drive" magazine’s National Offroad Show since its inception. The Club is a leading light in 4x4 off-road motoring activities.

Credit for this must be given to the members who work extremely hard. Some up front and others behind the scenes arranging and putting on attractive, well organised and enjoyable events suitable for the whole family. Being an MSA affiliated club, the Club runs cross country vehicle trials, winch Challenge events and competition safari events.

What we do

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The object of a 4x4 trialing is to try and complete a series of 10 short off-road courses without incurring penalties. The courses (usually referred to as SECTIONS) are marked out with 10 pairs of canes. They are numbered on the driver’s side from 10 to 1, and are driven without leaving the course, hitting a cane or stopping.

Vehicles are classed on size and wheelbase. There are different grades of courses ranging from tyro/showroom, easy, open to drivers from 13 years upwards, CCV, medium and awkward. Our scrutineers are there to help you compete safely and help ensure we keep our excellent safety record. Marshals are always on hand with friendly advice.


The aim there is to drive your vehicle to various points within the set area. The location of these various points will be indicated on the day. At each location will be a punch which will be identified by a number. The punch will be attached to a fixed point by a cable. The punch card (attached by the scrutineer to your vehicles) must be clearly marked with the punch in the correct numbered box.

In addition there may also be special tasks or sections that are worth extra points. These may take on the form of driving, mental or physical tasks and each task will be overseen by a marshal who will issue you with instructions and record your score.

The winner will be the vehicle which has attained the highest points score at the end of the competition.

Comp Safari

Comp Safari is all about speed with various classes for different vehicles. You are racing against the clock around a course that has been designed to slow you down. Those who have competed in this type of event are well aware of the thrill you get when you drive a vehicle which is correctly prepared for the purpose of speed and safety. All of which are checked by an Official MSA Scrutineer prior to EVERY event. Once passed, you are permitted to drive to the course within the set limitations.

You are competing against each driver/vehicle in your Class and winning is the main goal. However, this is not always as easy as it seems as I and several other drivers well know. We spend many hours preparing our vehicles only to suffer a breakdown on the first or even the last lap which has happened to many competitors.

The Class you are given is decided by the size of engine and the type of suspension i.e. leaf or coil suspension, which means while you are competing in the same event in e g an old leaf sprung Landy, you are not in the same class as the driver of a bespoke 5,7ltr V8 independent suspension racer. This gives you every chance of winning your class, although it would good to win overall, but that accolade usually goes to the more experienced drivers.

Starting is organised in an orderly fashion with each vehicle going off the start line at approx 1 minute intervals. This is controlled by a timing set-up and is staffed by volunteers, without whose help the event would run.

Not to be forgotten are the marshals who again give up their valuable time to support motorsport. Without them, we would not be able to run such events and again we are indebted to them. Starting at the bigger Comp Safari events, such as the British Cross Country Championship (BCCC), is decided by a grading system which requires you to do the runs in an allotted time or suffer a max time as penalty.

The types of terrain we compete over varies considerably - flat fields, woodland, forests and even disused quarries. However, the norm is usually a good mixture of fields and wooded terrain where you need to drive with caution.

Spectators who attend are most welcome and get the opportunity to take some good action photographs.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this and we will see you at one of the many events we have organised throughout the Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire areas this Year.

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